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Supplementary Videos

Kevin Sharer discusses his article on Headquarters as hardware and software.

Watch Arthur M. Langer introduce "Designing the digital organization"

Tore Håkonsson and Tim Carroll discuss their article "Is there a dark side of Big Data - point, counterpoint" in this exciting video.

The Organization Zoo already has many animals, but sometimes a new or unusual one appears. This invitation-only article type analyzes "new animals" – organizations that have recently appeared – or organizations that are considered rare breeds compared to their conventional counterparts. Each Zoo article focuses on a single case, analyzing its features and behavior in the interest of understanding it. After the case is introduced, expert commentators offer their views, and a richer, more colorful picture of the organization emerges.

If you are aware of an example of a new or radically different form of organizing, we encourage you to contact Dorthe Hakonsson or Phanish Puranam who are the Associate Editors responsible for the Zoo series. They will be happy to work with you to develop your case.