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The Journal of Organization Design publishes the following collections on topics of special interest.

Linking Design and Emergence: Structure, Culture, and Networks in Organizations
Guest Editors: Srikanth Paruchuri (Lead), Micki Eisenman, and Phanish Puranam
Publishing 3 July 2020 onward

New Trends in Organization Design
Guest Editors: Børge Obel (Lead), Richard M. Burton, Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson, and Erik R. Larsen
Published 29 July 2019 through 15 May 2020

Corporate Headquarters in the 21st Century
Guest Editors: Sven Kunisch, Markus Menz, and David J. Collis
Published 28 February 2019 through 5 November 2020

Fading Hierarchies and the Emergence of New Forms of Organization
Guest Editors: Stephan Billinger, Maciej Workiewicz, Børge Obel, and Charles Snow
Published 26 September 2018 through 30 September 2019

Designing and Managing the Digital Organization
Guest Editors: Børge Obel and Charles Snow
Published 1 March through 24 August 2017