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Table 1 Fit, misfit, design, redesign, management action

From: Fit, misfit, and design: JOD studies that touch reality

Abbreviated title Article listed by author(s) Fit, misfit, design, redesign, management action Study type Link to the paper
Complementarities and organizational (Mis)fit: a retrospective analysis of the Toyota recall crisis Camuffo and Wilhelm 2016 Misfit—redesign Case study, field study
Exploring reasons for the weekend effect in a hospital emergency department: an information processing perspective Duvald 2019 Misfit—redesign—fit Ethnographic field study
Designing social networks: joint tasks and the formation and endurance of network ties Hasan and Koning 2020 Design—fit Field experiment
Transitioning from an economic cluster to a collaborative community: mining projects in Greenland Kadenic 2017 Design—fit Case study, field study
Developing a governance model for PPP infrastructure service delivery based on lessons from Eastern Australia Levitt and Eriksson 2016 Design—fit Case study, field study
Navigating in a hierarchy: how middle managers adapt macro design Livijn 2019 Misfit—redesign—fit Case study, field study
Transitioning from a hierarchical product organization to an open platform organization: a Chinese case study Luo et al. 2018 Redesign—fit Case study
Designing the microstructure of routines Steinberger and Jung 2019 Design—fit Field study