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Table 1 The key insights of the CHQ change

From: Transforming corporate headquarters: a case study of a collaborative journey

Key insights- High involvement of CHQ employees, thanks to the novelty of an in-house collaboration method.
- Intensive pace of change that counterbalances the CHQ’s propensity for inertia.
- Specific articulation of the focal actors (TMT, transformation department, facilitators, and governance entities) throughout the process that ensures transparency and information availability.
- Change process that serves as a laboratory for demonstrating to the entire group the value of this type of approach.
- Development of a new mindset at the CHQ, no longer at the head of the Group, but at the service of the BUs.
- Use of qualitative guiding principles instead of quantitative targets.
- TMT defining the Why of the change with some guiding principles; the employees defining the How.
Risks for the future- Rollout of the new organization by middle managers not engaged in the change process.
- Potential return of old habits.
- Challenge of extending these new practices to the entire group, beyond the corporate headquarters.