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Table 6 Summarized code structure

From: Navigating in a Hierarchy: How Middle Managers Adapt Macro Design

Empirical Codes Aggregated Empirical Categories Conceptual Themes Theoretical Dimensions
Chaos, long, confusion, secrets, fast, unions, political, take-over Reorganization process Strategy
Simple, clear command, functional, contradiction, matrix, complex, dotted lines, incomplete, tension, standardization, logic, no surprises, half-done The new design
Strategic, traditional, performance, self-reliance, business partner, controller, tough, service-level agreement Professional roles and expertise
Value to the business, stress, pressure, streamline processes, one customer, employee turnover, layoff Impact of new organization
Delegation, toughen up, long hours, trust, micro-manage, rewards, motivation, filter, protect Leadership
Excellence team, business partner community, safe haven, buddies, service check New initiatives Adapting design Strategic influence of middle managers