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Table 2 Updating software protocol: open-source software development vs. Bitcoin

From: Bitcoin and the rise of decentralized autonomous organizations

Goal Protocol update
OSSD Bitcoin (BIP)
Mechanism Community governance Voting: Bitcoin improvement proposal (BIPs) (social consensus)
Task division Some centralization based on the structure provided by the founder; evolvable with community. Founder is unknown; BIPs proposed by developers and voted on by miners coordinate code modification. Centralization is undesirable.
Task allocation Open participation through self-selection into the community Developers contribute to code upgrades through open participation and self-selection. Miners vote on the protocol change based on to computing power.
Reward distribution Intrinsic motivation, professionalism, visibility Developers volunteer and are motivated by intrinsic motivation. Miners are paid in Bitcoin and are driven by mining profitability.
Information flow Information is processed through “virtual support infrastructure and tools” (Puranam et al. 2014) Information is shared and communicated through BIPs communication on the code repository (i.e., GitHub) and reflected in miners’ voting outcomes on the blockchain.