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Table 6 Contributions of research primers

From: Research in Journal Of Organization Design, 2012–2018

Study Topic Contribution
Sengul and Dimitriadis (2015) Multimarket competition Identifies various tensions inside a firm caused bymultimarket competition (e.g., between headquarters and subsidiaries) and discusses how organizations can be designed to address them
Feldman and McGrath (2016) Divestitures Discusses the implications of divestitures for organization design
Van Vugt (2017) Evolutionary psychology Many features of modern organizations exhibit large mismatches with human psychology as it has evolved from small-scale societies. By studying evolutionary psychology, researchers and designers can develop designs that reduce such mismatches.
Bodner and Capron (2018) Post-merger integration Mergers and acquisitions combine the resources of two organizations into one. By combining the resource reconfiguration perspective with the structural organization design perspective, future research directions on post-merger integration are generated.