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Table 5 Contributions of case studies

From: Research in Journal Of Organization Design, 2012–2018

Study Case Contribution
Beer (2013) HP’s Santa Rosa Systems Division Strategic Fitness Model is introduced to the field
Valikangas and Romme (2013) Large U.S.-based retailer Examines the concept of organizational resilience
Engler, Jones, and Van de Ven (2013)—this case includes four commentaries. Ascension Health Describes a process for enacting organizational designs suitable for the dynamic healthcare sector
Gabel and Tokarski (2014) RTI International Discusses how this non-profit research organization is dealing with the challenges of big data
Schroeder and DeNoble (2014) SOLO Eyewear How to design a triple bottom line company
Hossain and Kauranen (2014) X Prize Foundation Describes a competition-based process for the development of innovations
Casalini, Fioretti, and Pyka (2016) iPLON Develops a novel interpretive framework for looking at the technology of foolishness
Camuffo and Wilheim (2016) Toyota Motor Company Describes internal processes that resulted in external misfit
Worren (2017) FMC Subsea Division of TechnipFMC Describes how the matrix structure can sometimes be a transitory form
Jordan (2017) Uber Suggests four key principles for designing large-scale digital organizations
Luo et al. (2018) Large Chinese multinational firm Describes the transition from a hierarchical manufacturing organization to an open platform organization