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Table 3 Contributions of point of view articles

From: Research in Journal Of Organization Design, 2012–2018

Study Perspective Contribution
Miles and Scaringella (2012) A “futures group” within an organization (or spanning multiple organizations) A futures group can help a firm synchronize market and technology development
Levitt (2012) Agent-based computational simulation Recommends greater use of computational modeling and simulation in organization design
Ketchen et al. (2012) Supply chain Suggests five ways supply chain performance can be improved
Caspin-Wagner et al. (2013) Interdependencies fit Organizational performance can be improved by managing internal and external fit
Burton (2013) Summary of first ODC Annual Conference Three themes: (1) there are clear fundamentals of organization design, (2) focus needs to expand beyond that of the individual firm, and (3) how organizations can become more agile
Yonatany (2013) Organizational platform/ecosystem Develops a model explaining why and where platform/ecosystems exist
Plump and Ketchen (2013) Virtual team Identifies potential legal pitfalls of virtual teams
Miller (2014) University-industry partnerships Identifies collaborative approaches that could be used to close the big data skills gap
Korhonen (2014) Requisite organization A new tool for determining organizational complexity in both strategy and structure
Plump and Ketchen (2014) Franchising How organizations can benefit from increased accountability and even benefit from it
Hertz (2015) Baldrige Performance Excellence Program Changing guidelines for business excellence
Giustiniano and D’Alise (2015) Inter-organizational designs Role of design in networks, clusters, and small worlds
Huber (2016) U.S. companies’ structure Identifies changes in business environment that are dangerous to traditional U.S. companies and changes in structure of new U.S. companies that are dangerous to society
Levitt and Eriksson (2016) Public-private partnership Presents a governance model of infrastructure service delivery based on Australian experience
Håkonsson and Carroll (2016) Big data Describes problems and opportunities of big data
Dong, March, and Workiewicz (2017) Interview of James G. March Key insights about organizations and organization design based on March’s work
Kutz (2017) Double-bind communications in organizations Negative consequences of double-bind communications to employees and organizations
Ebert and Freibichler (2017) Nudge management How to increase knowledge worker productivity through nudge management
Yonatany (2017) Platform-ecosystem organizations Identifies competitive advantages of this form in a highly digitized environment