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Table 3 An adventurous life

From: Playfulness, ideology and the technology of foolishness in the creation of a novel market niche for distributed control: The case of iPLON

There are always companies that need special solutions, and we are able to do these special solutions only with the distributed intelligent systems. We started looking at customers that were having problems or issues, a customer who needs scalable solutions, who needs flexibility, may find better solutions with iPLON rather than others. (…) There was a company who wanted to buy the whole monitoring system from a large players like [mentions an OEM], but they realized that [that OEM] was not very flexible. They wanted flexibility, so that’s the reason why they came to iPLON. This is one of the big advantages of a distribute system: it’s also scalable, so you can start with a small solution, make modifications and keep adding more functions to make it a bigger system. (…) To compete with bigger companies’ solutions [names of OEMs] we have to be different. Being decentralised means being different: we can offer a greater level of flexibility.
(Victor Thamburaj, 2015)
I think this system is useful in every business because it is like a tool: we are using this IP technology, this Lonworks technology, and some others, only to make solutions. It doesn’t matter if it is for dyeing machines or for the safety doors of Munich airport or for controlling the ventilation of the cleaning rooms. These are all different systems where we have a lot of decentralized members communicating each other. You can’t say it is for this solution or for this business: in my opinion you can use it for them all.
(Edgar Schneider, 2015)