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Table 1 Vision and cohesion

From: Playfulness, ideology and the technology of foolishness in the creation of a novel market niche for distributed control: The case of iPLON

Twenty years ago, a new technology called LonWorks came into the market. It was completely based on decentralized solutions and I liked that technology very much. We started experimenting it for the control system of a machine, after the first results… I decided to open a company 'cause I thought that decentralized electronic systems were the future. The potential of this technology was not clear right in the beginning (…). Twenty years ago we were not sure where this technology would have led us, but in the same time it was an innovation where smaller companies can get into. Only after a couple of years I realized how strong the product was and also how many things were still missing: that’s why I thought it was a challenge for smaller companies to proceed and try to make a project over it.
(Victor Thamburaj, 2015)
I started in iPLON right from the beginning, I have founded the company together with Mr. Thamburaj and three more people. The starting point was that I had worked together with Mr. Thamburaj in a company called THEN. They were making dyeing machines; we had contact with LonWorks technology there. Before they had PLC systems (…) then we made tests with all the systems and we found the LonWorks technology: from the beginning we have realized that this very new technology had much more possibilities than the others, so we decided to use it. (…) I know Mr. Thamburaj ‘cause he lives close to my place, so we had met outside the company. Mr. Thamburaj is a smart guy, he convinced me to start with this company.
We had the vision that we could solve a lot of the problems we were facing with this new technology. (…) We had this vision. When we started we didn’t know if it would have really worked, but we had the vision it could be possible.
(Edgar Schneider, 2015)
I was in a company manufacturing test equipment, for example (…) kitchen equipment [as well as all] kind of industrial automation equipment. (…) I was there from 1995 to 1997, so a bit more than three years, and we wanted to decentralize automation (…). [While] evaluating different technologies (…) we also came into contact with iPLON, and (…) the engineers decided for the LonWorks system. [They] said it's the best. (…) And so I left that company, I stayed with the technology which I considered to be best and changed to iPLON.
(Thomas Kurz, 2015)