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The Journal of Organization Design has a new home!  

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DEADLINE EXTENDED: Special issue on "Organization Design of Resilience in the Face of Unanticipated Global Crises"

New Content Item (6)How to design for resilience, and how do organizations manifest resilience in organizational designs during global crises? A new special issue invites explorations of resilience from a multitude of theoretical perspectives, with empirical studies under extraordinary circumstances such as the current global pandemic. 

Guest Editors: Arie Y. Lewin, Duke University, USA & Liisa Välikangas, Technical University of Denmark and Hanken School of Economics, Finland. Download the full call for papers here.

Deadline Extended: The deadline for manuscript submission has been extended to 10 September 2021!

The Journal of Organization Design is the intellectual home of organization design thinking. Drawing on a wide variety of disciplines, organization design analyzes how organizations work, and how they can work better, focusing on the choices about structures, systems, and processes that drive various organizational outcomes.  

The journal advances understanding of topics important to academic researchers and industry professionals alike. We aim to publish novel research and commentary on known or emerging organization design concepts and phenomena; examine new technologies for the design and management of organizations; derive practical implications from existing studies; and analyze new and unusual forms of organizing.

We welcome high-quality submissions that expand on the foundations of organization design and uncover new phenomena. Uniquely, authors can choose from numerous article formats, providing customized vehicles for expression. Articles are peer-reviewed, written, and read not only by design scholars, but also by managers within organizations.

Featured article: "Fit, misfit, and design: JOD studies that touch reality"

"Fit is synonymous with words such as alignment, match, integration, and coordination," writes author Richard M. Burton in this JulNew Content Item (6)y 21 commentary.

"Alternatively, misfits are synonymous with misalignments, mismatches, gaps, and undesired properties. In this commentary, I take a less formal approach and review all of the JOD articles to find out how the concept of fit is used in these papers. All the articles, whether or not they use the term fit, address the question of how we get the elements of an organization to work together to meet its goals; that is fit." Click to read the entire article.