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Kevin Sharer, former CEO of Amgen and faculty member at the Harvard Business School, introduces his new commentary titled “Headquarters as hardware and software.”

Call for papers! Special collection on "Linking Design and Emergence: Structure, Culture, and Networks in Organizations."

The informal elements of an organization (such as its culture and social networks) and its formal elements (like structure and incentives) are known to jointly shape organizational behavior and performance. However, the links between the two are less understood: How does structure shape culture and informal social networks, and vice versa? We invite submissions to a special collection of papers on "Linking Design and Emergence: Structure, Culture, and Networks in Organizations." This collection aims to curate cutting-edge thinking on this issue which is relevant to both research and practice. To be Guest-Edited by: Srikanth ParuchuriPennsylvania State University, USA (Lead); Micki EisenmanHebrew University, Israel; and Phanish PuranamINSEAD, Singapore. Deadline: 21 October 2019. Find more information here, and download the full Call for Papers here.

Additional Call for papers: "New Trends in Organization Design"

Until the deadline of 30 April, authors may still submit to our previously announced special collection on "New Trends in Organization Design."

Submit your collection paper here. Reply "Yes" when asked whether your paper is part of a special collection, and choose the appropriate title from the drop-down menu.  


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    Authors: John Joseph and Metin Sengul

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The Journal of Organization Design publishes the following Collections on topics of special interest.

Corporate Headquarters in the 21st Century
Guest Editors: Sven Kunisch, Markus Menz, and David J. Collis

Fading Hierarchies and the Emergence of New Forms of Organization
Guest Editors: Stephan Billinger, Maciej Workiewicz, Børge Obel, and Charles Snow

Designing and Managing the Digital Organization
Guest Editors: Børge Obel and Charles Snow
Published 1 March through 24 August 2017

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Click here to watch JOD authors and editors introduce their publications, illustrate the Organization Zoo, and debate the dark side of big data. 

Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4

SpringerOpen is proud to publish the Journal of Organization Design from Volume 5 onward. Previously it was published by the Organizational Design Community: Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4 are available in full. 

Authors and readers accustomed to the previous system: please take a few minutes to "Register Now" via our submission site.

A Gold Open Access journal, free for readers & authors

This journal benefits from full sponsorship, thanks to the Organizational Design Community which has published the journal in a purely open access format since the outset. Papers that are accepted following peer review will be published and no article-processing charge (APC) will be charged to the author.

Aims and scope

The Journal of Organization Design is the intellectual home of organization design thinking. Drawing on a wide variety of disciplines, organization design is an area of study which focuses on the structures, systems, processes, and outcomes of different organization design choices.

Completely open access, the journal advances understanding of topics important to academic researchers and industry professionals alike. We aim to publish novel research and commentary on known or emerging organization design concepts and phenomena; examine new technologies for the design and management of organizations; derive practical implications from existing studies; and analyze new and unusual forms of organizing.

We welcome high-quality submissions that expand on the foundations of organization design and uncover new phenomena. Uniquely, authors can choose from numerous article formats, providing customized vehicles for expression. Articles are peer-reviewed, written, and read not only by design scholars, but also by managers within organizations.



The Journal of Organization Design is the official journal of the Organizational Design Community.

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